We are an Amsterdam based fashion startup working to deliver standout women's wardrobe pieces while supporting responsible local production.

Capsule comes from Capsule Collection, meaning that every collection is a multifunctional wardrobe consisting of a few items that can be easily styled together or separately. We kicked off the brand with the production of suits because it is a truly iconic item that makes the wearer look confident, stylish and sophisticated.

We are truly a slow fashion brand and we are aiming to create items in limited quantities in a responsible way. Our collections are produced in Poland and Portugal, and all our design and logistics operations are centered in Amsterdam - we are therefore a 100% European brand. We visit all suppliers and producers we contract ourselves, to ensure both the quality and sustainability in the manufacturing process. We do not mass produce and we are trying to choose the most sustainable logistics methods. 

Meet the Team

There are actually only two people behind the brand - Anna and Sebastian. For years we have been working in completely different industries but eventually we decided to venture for a company of our own.

We felt there is a clear gap in the fashion market as there are just not enough mid range brands that are producing unique and trendy but also sustainable clothing. And of course we found inspiration in many confident, successful and entrepreneurial women examples around us! Our clothing is made for you and we welcome you to join the Capsule Club! xx