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Capsule Studio Looking Ahead

It's almost hard to believe, but we have finally reached the first anniversary since we have officially launched our Website.

We lunched our first collection of Power Suits on exactly a year ago, and so much has happened since then. Looking back it is almost hard to believe we even survived until this point, launching a fashion brand in the middle of a global pandemic was definitely not something we planned for, but it happened, and we had to work around it somehow. We took a step back and thought, what would we want to buy today, and we found the answer, the Cosy Suits. These stay at home suits were the perfect answer to the question of "what to wear when working from home", and the results were unbelievable. We even made it to the Volkskrant Magazine. And we couldn't have been happier. Suddenly the whole Netherlands seemed to be talking about our Cosy Suits. Our brand was getting recognised, and we ended up on the national news when Hila Noorzai wore one of our Power Suits when presenting the daily news report.

So what did we achieve in the 12 months since we launched our first collection? We want to be brave and share some of these key milestones with you:

- 377 customers through our website

- 452 shipments (we even got banned from our local DHL pick up point:))

- 12 countries and 168 cities covered (WOW thank you for international love)

- 3146 followers on Instagram (all real, no paid followers)

- 4000 pictures on our camera memory card

We just can't stand still, so we're constantly planning for the future. In the recent months we have launched our first Linen Collection which we of course hope will be a big success. And we have some big plans to bring back the Power Suits too, so stay tuned if you already miss those!

Discover our new Linen Collection

And we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for everyone around us. Customers, supportive friends and family, partners, suppliers, and our dear bookkeeper who keeps track of everything we do.

There are more things to come this year! New collections, new stores, new countries, a lot of new customers, and most importantly a lot of fun working together building our future. We hope this will be an adventure to last us a lifetime.

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