On behalf of the Capsule Team we would like to congratulate all ladies and celebrate female empowerment. Be yourself, know your worth and dare to achieve the success that you deserve❤️ 

We at Capsule always draw inspiration from strong and confident women around us. And of course our biggest source of inspiration are our dear clients. This Women's Day we are bringing our Capsule Studio customers in the spotlight: discover four power women and four different stories. 

Arlette, sustainable fashion enthusiast from Utrecht. In her blog @deutrechtsemoderevolutie she manifests that sustainability doesn’t have to be boring and can be achieved in many different ways. 

Arlette is wearing Bangkok Suit.

I have been a sustainable fashion fanatic for three years now. To be able to keep doing that, you have to keep it realistic in my opinion. Of course the most sustainable thing would be not to buy anything ever again. Even if it is second hand. But there is no way I could have kept that up for three years. So sometimes I allow myself to splurge and buy something that I may not need, but that would make me super super happy. And I mix it up. Buying new clothes from sustainable brands, buying second hand, renting outfits, swapping clothes, but sometimes also buying from a fast fashion brand when it's an item that I know I will wear the rest of my life. On my instagram @deutrechtsemoderevolutie I take my followers with me on that journey and try to show them that sustainability doesn’t have to be boring and can be achieved in many different ways.

What or who empowers and inspires you?
Strangely enough my instagram inspires me. Posting and writing about sustainable fashion makes me take a deeper dive into details what makes certain products or brands sustainable and it helps me look out for new initiatives or brands. But most of all the other sustainable warriors that I follow on instagram inspire me. I used to follow the “regular” influencers that everybody follows and this only made me a bit depressed about my life and all the stuff they had and I didn’t. But I Marie-Kondo’ot my instagram and now only follow green accounts. What al these people are doing to make the world a greener place really inspires me to do more myself. 

What’s your favorite way to wear your Power suit?
I usually wear it as an ensemble, so the jacket together with trousers, because I think it’s a look that fits any occasion. But when I have a nice dinner I’ll just wear the jacket and top with a black pleated pallazzo pants. 

What’s the most favourite occasion you wore it for?
For me that is of course my wedding. We were planning our wedding in Italy for the summer when my mother suddenly became very ill. We decided to do a small, second wedding in the Netherlands, so she could still be  there. Because I didn’t want to wear the dress that I was planning to wear to “the actual wedding” I had to find something else. I was so happy when I came across a post of Capsule Studio on instagram, reminding me that the white suit would be perfect for this. I felt absolutely amazing that day and received so many compliments about the suit.

Why did you choose Capsule Studio and what do you like the most about the brand?
For me of course the sustainable factor of the brand is really important. But what I also love about the Capsule Studio is that for me it’s the perfect example that sustainable fashion can be on trend and at the same time timeless. There are a lot of other sustainable brands that have suits in their collection, but none of them are as elegant and well fitted as Capsule Studio.

Ksenia, an Amsterdam-based fashion and style lover and am a lawyer by profession. 

Ksenia is wearing Tokyo Suit.

What or who empowers and inspires you? 
I would say both empowers and inspires me - music, my family and friends, old movies with Audry Hepburn, art, especially impressionists, for this I love-love-love Museum D’Orsay in Paris. I also have certain places “of power” like Sacre Coeur in Paris or Cisterns in Istanbul. Other source of inspiration are my female colleagues, who are managing to build great carrier and to be moms and wives at the same time. Strong and influential females, like Beyonce, or women in fashion design, for example, Vivienne Westwood (R.I.P.), Miucchi Prada, Amina Muaddi. 

Where and how do you wear your Power suit What’s the most favourite occasion you wore it for?
Anywhere really, to the office, to restaurants and events, each piece separately, more casually in everyday life. The first time I ever wore it was to the office and I got lots and lots of compliments from my colleagues. Everyone is just amazed with the lovely and unusual for corporate culture colour of the suit. 😊

Why did you choose Capsule Studio and what do you like the most about the brand?
I chose it originally because I was looking for a very specific colour of a suit. Pink, as you can see. 😉 

I really like the cut as well, which is modern and classical at the same time - not too oversized, not too tight. I also like the fact that it is a small local mono-brand with items made in the EU and the fact that sustainability is in the core of Capsule Studio Amsterdam.

Anne, Dutch and an entrepreneur. In her business the Good Tourism Institute, Anne supports tourism businesses to become more successful and sustainable at the same time. 

Anne is wearing Berlin Suit.

What or who empowers and inspires you?
People and brands that take serious steps in building a business that is sustainable but at the same time offer an amazing product or experience. Brands that like to stand out, want to make genuine positive impact and who draw attention to them while pushing boundaries in making sustainability the standard. 

What’s your favorite way to wear your Power suit?
As the tourism industry is still very traditional in terms of suits, I really like wearing my suit with sneakers and a crop top. It really stands out and also shows how modern the sustainable tourism industry can be! 

What’s the most favourite occasion you wore it for?
I usually wear the suit when I am hosting workshops, speaking or participating in panels on tourism events. It makes me feel empowered and confident while I’m on stage. 

Why did you choose Capsule Studio and what do you like the most about the brand?
I was looking for a high quality suit that was not a suit “everyone else already has”. I really liked the colours, that it’s a female owned brand and that it’s located in The Netherlands.

Aiste, based in Amsterdam, she is a VP of marketing in a VC fund helping brands to complete their digital transformation.

Aiste is wearing Rome Suit.

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