Introducing Capsule Studio FW20

Introducing Capsule Studio FW20

After over four months of hard work we are finally proudly able to present the first drop in the Capsule Studio FW20 collection, and the first items in our line of casual, cosy, suits - Dark Chocolate, and Power Pink, which both come as sweaters and sweatpants. We are releasing this drop on web and social, and will follow with a presence in retail stores in the coming weeks. More colours will follow as separate drops in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that, and we are sure you will find your favourite!

The items, already available here on our website, are a collection of casual, cosy clothes. Think loungewear for home, that you can still wear if you want to pop to the shop, or go for a coffee with a friend. We wanted to create the perfect companion for you, whether that is for lounging in your favorite brunch spot, flying  long distance, or just staying comfortably at home since all those other things might be impossible during say a global pandemic - something we are very aware of is going on, and also why we are taking such a radical approach to our new collection compared to our first line of suits that created the brand.

How do you create a drop?

So what does it take to launch a drop like this? It would seem simple, find a drop shipper in Asia and ask them to send you a few hundred sweaters. At Capsule Studio we do this the hard way, and we do it in our own way. Our FW20 collection will be produced in a few different locations in the EU. We are sourcing directly from the factories, and we have visited all factories ourselves, to ensure working conditions of labourers, and to make sure the environment is safe, clean, and lives up to our own values and standards. After finding the factory and meeting with them, it is all down to starting to work on samples. To create this casual drop it still took two samples from different factories, with a couple of months of back and forth over details like will there be a hood, will there be drawstrings, what about a pocket in front?

Search for suppliers

For our second collection we had a bit more knowledge about the industry, and we could present our ideas and vision in a much more compelling way. Factories that previously had turned us away due to our low order quantities (MOQ) were now suddenly interested in speaking with us, when we could show that we already have produced a collection, and we know something at least about what we are doing. Understandably these factories don’t want to waste their time either, so it is important to know what you are talking about when approaching them. Since we knew from the start we wanted to do production in Europe, we decided to broaden our production base. The first items in the drop are produced in our tried and proven factory in Warsaw, but for future drops we will have more news coming.

What else

We will be arranging a pandemic proof photoshoot in the coming days to take some pics and videos for social and web. We had to change our original plans for this quite a lot, but since we have built up a dream team of creatives to support us, we will be able to arrange something cool, and you will see the results here shortly. We unfortunately had to cancel the product launch we were planning for October, but as soon as the situation normalises we will of course be back arranging events for our friends and customers. In the meantime you will have to wait for our products to be released on social, we will have some more news very soon!

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