What does sustainability mean to us?

What does sustainability mean to us?

Our last blog on sustainability in the fashion industry was one of our most read articles in 2020. To us that shows that sustainability and ethical production of clothes is not just a trend, it is something that is growing in importance every day, and that consumers are taking into account when making purchase decisions more and more. Since especially ethics in the clothing industry has been one of the most central aspects of our company right from the start, we are of course incredibly happy that this new normal in how consumers choose clothes is here to stay. Based on this we wanted to share a bit more about what we are doing at Capsule Studio to continually improve on our sustainability efforts, since we believe that this is work that never ends.

Since we wrote our first blog on sustainability a lot has changed both in the world and in our company. We are experiencing a second lockdown, and many stores we work with are struggling, some have even endured bankruptcy. We see that especially stores in the higher end of the market are struggling, as consumers who might be facing financial difficulties of their own understandably chose for cheaper clothes from the large mass market chains. Huge corporations also have large cash reserves to take them through difficult times, something smaller stores might not have available to them.

At Capsule Studio we have moved in the opposite direction. Our latest collection that we launched just before the holidays is made in Portugal, keeping with our chosen policy to both source all raw materials as well as localize all our production within the EU. This choice was made to enable us to visit all factories ourselves, to meet with the people working in them, to ensure working conditions are fair and just, and to ensure that the materials used has the least impact on the environment as possible. Our last collection is made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. What this means is that the entire supply chain of the raw materials is certified and can stand up to inspection, and from the moment the textiles enter the factories, we at Capsule Studio take over responsibility to ensure that the production itself is ethical.

With those steps, we ensure that we deliver a product that we can be proud over, and that our co-founder Anna is wearing herself almost every day. We are proud to use materials that are either deadstock as in our first collection, or in this case 100% Organic.

We are of course keeping up all the initiatives we first talked about in terms of packaging materials, hang tags, wrapping paper, but also newer initiatives such as bike deliveries within Amsterdam with more cities to follow in 2021.

Sustainability to us means constant improvement. It means always doing our best within the limits that a small company has to reduce our impact on the environment and our carbon footprint, while still producing clothing that is comfortable to wear, stylish, and makes our customers feel and look good. Because if you can buy fewer items but they last longer, you can reduce the impact you have on the environment yourself. And that is something we believe in.

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